An update from me..

A man lying on a bunk bed on a Navy submarine

Hi all, it’s been a while!

But I am still here, keeping busy cracking on. I thought I’d update you with a big change in the course of my life and career. I have a new full time job (hence the lack of posts on here, I don’t have as much time now!)

A new start at SafeSite

For the last three months, I have been plying my trade as Marketing Copywriter for SafeSite Facilities. Who are they, I hear you ask.

We are an industry leading construction safety management company. We provide products and services to cater for events, construction sites, roadworks and property development projects. Barriers, fences, hoarding – you name it, we do it. SafeSite Security Solutions provide vacant property management from pigeon guano removal, sharps removal, CCTV, security screens and human waste clean up to name but five.

I had an initial interview on the 10th March via Teams and was then put forward to the second stage. This was a copywriting task in which I had to write an article as if for the local press. It involved looking at the top events in Sussex this summer as a way to show how SafeSite could help. From there, mine was chosen as the pick of the bunch and the job was mine. Life had been a grind for me having struggled to get a ‘break’ since leaving uni. I had been trying to scrape a living as a freelancer, so I was relieved and happy to finally be earning a steady and reliable income in a field I feel I excel at and enjoy. Bring it on..

The story so far..

I started out in the job on 30th March, commuting into our head office in Littlehampton from my home in Southwick, a train journey of 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute brisk stroll into HQ.

My day-to-day duties include pretty much anything: from updating social media (particularly LinkedIn), filing copy for the website, collating and writing content for our internal monthly newsletter and helping to put together specification sheets and installation guides.

I also write case studies which are features looking at SafeSite projects throughout the country – what the job was, what barriers we used, how many have been deployed, what the outcome was etc.

No two days are the same, the role is very varied and I never know what I’m walking in to which makes life exciting and keeps me on my toes. I’m halfway through my probation and on track to continue beyond September.

It has had its challenges: one of my former colleagues (who has since left the business) made my early days difficult by refusing to listen to fresh ideas and acting hostile towards anyone who suggested change (he threw a chair in a board meeting, almost started a fight and would blow his lid at even the slightest issue). It felt like we were treading on eggshells, he had to go and jumped before he was pushed – thank goodness!

Chatham (A)

So what else has been going down? On the 1st July I went to a gaming festival in Chatham with Joe, Chelsea, Hannah and Liam. There were many fun activities on offer for our group of intrepid adventurers, I tried my hand at VR, Mortal Kombat and axe throwing. Sadly I wasn’t able to launch an F35 off a carrier in Portsmouth as there were no slots left on the BaE Systems flight simulator! Typical that – it was the one thing I really want to do. That disappointment aside and despite not being much of a gamer, I enjoyed myself seeing the gang for a day out doing something different. Whilst there we also had a guided tour of RN Cold War submarine HMS Ocelot – very cramped and mad to think up to 70 men lived on board for months at a time. I couldn’t even stretch out on the bunk beds!

Duxford days

Next month I will lose my status as a Duxford virgin when we visit the famous Cambridgeshire airbase for one of the ‘Flying Days’. The ’19 Squadron’ event takes place on the afternoon of 12th August where we tour the IWM before a two to three hour flying display during the afternoon. The airshow at Eastbourne, an ever popular event in these parts, is the following weekend – it’s become something of a tradition for me, the seafront shows are always nice and I’m hoping for a ‘knock your socks off’ participant from overseas. We can but dream!